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Venimus, Vidimus, Gavelimus

We came, we saw, we conquered

The Stuyvesant Model United Nations team, commonly called StuyMUN, is made up of students from Stuyvesant High School in New York, NY. Members are trained to be well equipped for collegiate competitions in some of the nation's most prestigious institutions. The team regularly brings home awards, and is ranked amongst the top 15 teams in the nation by Best Delegate.


Delegates discuss a variety of international issues, and are assigned a country, organization, or gov. role to represent, so they end up becoming exposed to a much broader set of policy perspectives.


A typical conference requires working in-depth with others, preparing impromptu speeches, negotiating, and lobbying allies throughout the conference.


Delegates who stand out or built and led alliances within an entire committee usually win awards or gain recognition.

Our Journey Last Year

  • Oct 2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    In addition to winning the Outstanding Delegation award as a school at Hommunc, we had a lot of individual award winners!

  • Nov 2015


    First collegiate conference of the year -- A blast at Rhode Island where the team had fun interacting with so many different delegates

  • Nov 2015

    The Real Deal

    WIMUN - Consensus reached at the UN headquarters!

  • DEC 2015


    A fantastic success for the team. Remarkably, we won an award in every single committee we were in!

  • FEB 2016


    A tremendous success for our delegation! For the fourth year in a row, we drove away from Baltimore and into the sunset with the Best Large Delegation award on the backs of everyone's efforts!

  • MAR 2016


    In addition to winning Best Large Delegation, we also had a lot of individual awards!

  • APRIL 2016

    Ithaca is gorges

    Final collegiate conference of the year at one of the best college towns -- Cornell!

  • APRIL 2016


    Hosting the best from the NYC area.

  • APRIL 2016


    We all left the Upper East Side last Saturday as winners. The lessons we've learned, the fun we had, and the friends we made outlast any ephemeral vindication of our "ability."

  • MAY 2015

    Coming Full Circle

    HeschMUN was a great success! The team did phenomenally well as usual and we definitely had a lot of fun along the way. With HeschMUN behind us, the 2015-2016 StuyMUN season comes to a close, and we look forward to the next

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